Jul 112013

PORSCHE 956Year and three months after a break of modeling I return to battle….

I return to the works of the Porsche 956 with Senna participated in the 1984 Nurburgring 1000km.

Apr 142012

PORSCHE 956 I continue working on this model.

After sanding the surface and apply Tamiya putty to eliminate the few bubbles that had the resin, I apply a coat of Tamiya white primer. I take out from the spray can the primer and I apply it with the airbrush because I have more tactfully when spraying. This time I use white primer instead of gray because one of the colors of the decoration is yellow and gray primer would kill him. Continue reading »

Apr 142012

PORSCHE 956This model reproduces the Porsche 956 NEW MAN team, with which Ayrton Senna participated in the 1000 km of Nurburgring in 1984, alongside Henri Pescarolo and Stefan Johansson, finishing the race in eighth position.

The kit was manufactured by Provence Moulage (K1008) and, as is usual in Provence kits, has a few resin parts, the outer shell and interior are made of a single piece, has the wheels turned and has few photoengraved parts. Continue reading »