Mar 062015

It´s almost ready detailinged that I´ll add, in this case a whole day of welding 0,4mm brass pipes to build the tubular structure of the beast…
I don’t know if I’ll get time to finish before Leganés show, I only have 5 days to finish paint, place decals and lacquer.

PORSCHE 917K Watkins Glen 1970 - psychedelic
PORSCHE 917K Watkins Glen 1970 - psychedelic

Feb 212015

I start to detail the model, in this case the engine cover latches and engine air intakes, that I detail with homemade photoetched parts.

It has been a job for a couple of hours between the design and construction of photoetched parts, but it is worth the result obtained.

I have not yet decided what to do with the ventilation blades, I can replace them with photoetched parts I have made or I detail a little more the model resin part.

Feb 072015

Breakthroughs that are not very visible… I have started to improve as much as possible this BBR.



I´ve sanded the surface so matches both sides, have improved the panel marks, open vents from the front wheels and the hole in the ceiling for rear-view mirror. I have also closed the fuel cap hole that was behind the right front door.


It´s going well by now, mostly satisfied with the result of the vents on the wheels.


Jan 202015

With the new year I start a new project with which I participate in the Fight Modelling 2014-15 that focuses on vehicles competing under the colors of Martini Racing.

The truth is that it was difficult to decide the model, because there are true jewels under those white, red and blue colours that often identify it, but not always, so I’ve chosen the psychedelic green and purple design of the Porsche 917K who participated during the 6 hours of Watkins Glen in 1970.

I’ll use BBR kit and decals from Leader Kit. I opened the box and I reclosed it, BBR kit is worse than expected and will give more work than I thought. With less than two months to Leganes modelling show will be a challenge to do something decent …

Apr 062014

This it is the model that I have chosen for MODELLING FIGHT of this year.

It is the Porsche 917 with psychedelic decoration of 1970 of “MARTINI RACING”.