Dec 042013

Fibra de carbono 3DFor the rear wing bracket I used a different carbon fiber decal. In the original vehicle these brackets have a different pattern to the rest, so I used a rest of carbon fiber decals with 3D frame.

These decals are very thick, so it is difficult to shape it into corners and crannies complicated, but fortunately not the case these brackets, so I used directly the photoengraved as a template to cut the decal.


Nov 272013

Calcas AUDI R10I used the same carbon fiber decal used for the cockpit is used for the headlights and front spoiler, the difficulty of this decal is the thickness, so you have to work a lot with the special Tameo liquid decal. Endless sessions of liquid softener and hairdryer… Continue reading »

Nov 212013

Llantas AUDI R10The wheels had a defect on the edge due a defective injection mold.

So I have to repair it because I did not find the same wheels from another manufacturer for replacement.

Llantas AUDI R10I filled with Tamiya Putty the edges and, before it dries, I outlined with the tip of knife. Once dry I correct the shape with sandpaper, and filled again the defects with Putty diluted with acetone and applied with brush, sanding again.

Llantas AUDI R10Repeating this process until the defects disappear.

Add valves, which provides me Spotmodel, to the tires. In this case, some of Tuner Model Manufactory Tuner Model Manufactory. The truth is it’s a small detail that earns realism to the model.

Llantas AUDI R10


Nov 182013

Pintura AUDI R10For decoration, the kit brings the possibility of putting some red decals, but I decided to mask and paint the areas that will go in red and white, giving a very light coat of white primer first, then paint ZeroPaints for red, masking before the two white stripes.

Pintura AUDI R10Is ready to apply the gray decals that cover almost the entire car.


Nov 082013

Volante AUDI R10The steering wheel is made of a piece of resin and a small black decal with the Audi emblem and numeric indicators.

The original color is pale gold, so I mixed ALCLAD  gold (ALC 108) and Aluminium (ALC 101) to get the right tone. Once dry I add the carbon fiber decal on the hood, which does not bring the kit and the decal with digits.

I painted the push buttons with their corresponding colors by dry brush, and the central display. Matt varnish it and when dry add a drop of gloss varnish the push buttons to simulate its real brightness.

To the console, that is placed behind the wheel, I also add a piece of carbon fiber decal to the contour. With pieces of steel tube of 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm add the push buttons, since I eliminated those that brought for being out of scale.

Oct 272013

Interior AUDI R10The cockpit is a block with the simulated wiring, in which is inserted the control unit, seat and pedals. The detailed of the buttons and wiring is very poor, so the first thing I do is look for reference photos on the net and remove all simulated wiring, switches and connectors, which will be replaced with other more detailed.

Interior AUDI R10Using the router I do 0.3mm drills where must be placed each of the buttons or switches, and I do the two side holes of 1.6 mm. in which two connectors are inserted.

Interior AUDI R10After sanding the inside, I begin to put the carbon fiber in this case use a superfine Hobby Design (ref. HD04-0007) that matches the real car perfectly.

Interior AUDI R10For square switches, I do some resin parts using the milling machine.
For connector I use the Top Studio TD23011 with reference for the control unit, and TD23049 for the others. I must thank SpotModel for helping me choose the right ones.

Interior AUDI R10I make a small copper washers for the side connectors that inserted in a tube of 1.6 mm. to make the “bottles” where connectors are placed. And after a lot of patience to assemble all the push buttons and connectors, the harness is mounted on the seat …

Interior AUDI R10Finding myself with a new and unpleasant surprise by mistake Le Mans Miniatures kit brings a four-point harness anchor, when the car was riding a six-point harness anchor, so I modified it so that we can get two new anchor points.

Interior AUDI R10

Interior AUDI R10

Interior AUDI R10

Interior AUDI R10


Oct 182013

I put the link to a spectacular promotional video about the impressive Audi R10 2006 and his victory at Le Mans.

I love the images of stress faces of the engineers during repair in Boxes ….