Nov 212013

Llantas AUDI R10The wheels had a defect on the edge due a defective injection mold.

So I have to repair it because I did not find the same wheels from another manufacturer for replacement.

Llantas AUDI R10I filled with Tamiya Putty the edges and, before it dries, I outlined with the tip of knife. Once dry I correct the shape with sandpaper, and filled again the defects with Putty diluted with acetone and applied with brush, sanding again.

Llantas AUDI R10Repeating this process until the defects disappear.

Add valves, which provides me Spotmodel, to the tires. In this case, some of Tuner Model Manufactory Tuner Model Manufactory. The truth is it’s a small detail that earns realism to the model.

Llantas AUDI R10


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